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The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and The University of Nairobi are proud to present:

Public Health Planning for Hearing Impairment
Short course in Nairobi, 5–9 June 2017

Course Fee: USD280 excluding accommodation, USD640 including accommodation. Scholarships are available.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 360 million people worldwide have bilateral moderate to profound hearing loss. 80% of these people live in low and middle income countries. Most of these countries do not have national programmes to prevent and manage hearing loss.

This course will enable participants to understand the magnitude and causes of hearing impairment and the challenges of providing hearing health services in low and middle income countries. The course will familiarise participants with public health approaches to ear and hearing health and show how to develop programmes for prevention and management as the local, district or national level.

The course will be worthwhile if you are an Otologist, Audiologist, Paediatrician or allied hearing health professional - especially in the communication sciences, a health planner or NGO worker.

The course will be taught by lecturers and experts in the field of hearing and public health who are from, or have lived and worked in low and middle income countries. Teaching will be conducted through a mixture of interactive lectures, case studies, discussions and group exercises.

For more information and for the course brochure and application form please visit:

Or contact:

Ms. Rita Muriuki on
UNES on or by telephone on +254717009791/+25471730006/+254721887840/+254720877674


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Public Health Planning for Hearing Impairment
Short course in Nairobi, 5–9 June 2017

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