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Dear ISA Member,

We are communicating with you, in your role as a Member of the International Society of Audiology, about proposed updates to the ISA Statutes and Rules (Bylaws). Periodic review of an organization’s bylaws is a standard and desirable activity.

Over the past several years the Executive Board of the ISA has been reviewing the ISA Statutes and Rules, under the leadership of now Past Presidents Bob Cowan and Linda Hood. The purpose of this work is to modernize the ISA Bylaws into a focused and efficient framework that reflects the values, goals, and activities of the ISA.

A part of the approval process involves the General Assembly of the ISA, which we propose in the future will be made up of all members. Since all members are affected by the Bylaws of an organization, we wish to solicit your comments. This review period will be followed by a vote.

Please see details below including a brief background and summary of proposed changes to the statutes and rules.

We are opening up the review period for feedback until 24 August 2018. Please send any feedback directly to the General Secretary ( 

Kind regards,
De Wet Swanepoel, President
George Tavartkiladze, Secretary General
International Society of Audiology

Proposed Statutes

Chapter I - Legal Designation and Registered Office

An International Society of Audiology - Société In-ternationale d’Audiologie - shall be constituted un-der this name, a corporate body within the meaning of Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code; in this respect, the Society is registered in the Trade Reg-ister of Geneva, Switzerland (“Registre du Com-merce de Genève)... In abbreviated form, the Soci-ety shall be known as 'AUDI'.

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Summary of the proposed changes to the ISA Statutes and Rules (Bylaws) – 2018

General background:

The current ISA Statutes and Rules were approved in 2006. A review process commenced in 2011. The purpose of this review was to assess and address the need for updates in the context of modernization of current practices, as well as the evolution of communication technology to allow enhanced and timely communication among members within organizations. The values and goals of the Society are maintained.

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