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World Congress of Audiology 2018

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World Hearing Day - 3rd March 2019

The Office of Prevention of Blindness and Deafness of the World Health Organization (WHO) organizes an annual a campaign called World Hearing Day. Different activities take place across the globe and an event is hosted at the World Health Organization on March 3rd. The campaign's objective is to share information and promote actions towards the prevention of hearing loss and improved hearing care. The theme of the campaign for 2019 is "Check your hearing" as data from both developed and developing countries indicate that the impact of hearing loss can be mitigated if it is identified early and rehabilitation initiated in a timely manner.  Poster and other educational materials available online when clicking here. at CLICKING HERE

ISA one of the organizations that is proud to support an online event that allows very individual to be part of the campaign. The event would consist of facilitating the contribution of hearing-related content into Wikipedia in several languages WHEN CLICKING HERE. Contributions can be in any language and will be monitored by the Wikimedia dashboard WHEN CLICKING HERE.

Small events are also being planned, particularly at Universities, where a group work together to translate or improve an existing Wikipedia article. No contribution is too small. We hope you can join! For questions please contact our Representative of the Affiliated Societies, Dr. Thais Morata at


Thais Morata