International Society of Audiology

International Journal of Audiology

Editor in Chief: De Wet Swanepoel PhD
University of Pretoria, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa  

The International Journal of Audiology was created by the merger of Audiology,  British Journal of Audiology and  Scandinavian Audiology and is an international journal dealing with the needs of the developed and developing world. Published twelve times a year, each issue of the Journal features original clinical and review articles, time-saving abstracts that outline the relevance of a study to your practice, a book review of the latest literature, a preliminary report on a ground breaking new study and news and conference information directly from the  British Society of Audiology, the  International Society of Audiology and the  Nordic Audiological Society. Each issue delivers well-documented, thought-provoking articles on clinical, social, and technical advances in the field.  International Journal of Audiology takes a multidisciplinary approach by presenting timely, relevant research.

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